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Aquasant® Lugan

The patented process used by Aquasant® water-treatment plants has proven its reliability over several years in a wide range of industries. The many fields of application include garages, transport companies, servicing facilities, workshops, railway yards, aircraft-maintenance organisations, vehicle-spraying workshops, engine plants and car factories.

Aquasant® water-treatment plants display the following features and performance characteristics:

Features Performance characteristics
Fully-automatic flotation plant. Throughput system.
High level of operating reliability. Less production downtime.
Low space requirement. Low infrastructure costs.
Easy operation. Level sensors monitoring provides automatic ON/OFF function.

Lugan (Large-scale installations)

  • Type LUGAN 1000 S: Capacity: up to 1500 l/h
  • Type LUGAN 3000 S: Capacity: up to 3500 l/h
  • Type LUGAN 5000 S: Capacity: up to 6000 l/h
  • Type LUGAN 10000 S: Capacity: up to 11000 l/h

Installation with more capacity on request


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