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The Aquasant® electro-optic level switches are one of a kind when it comes to the features it offers. The level switches operate on each liquid without adjusting it to the liquid characteristics, as S.G. or dielectric value. For optimum safety, each of the components are continuously monitored and if defected an alarm will occur. (Fail Safe) No moving parts are present and the system is standard intrinsically safe EEx ia IIC. Through a wide choice of wetted part materials such as SS 316L, Hasteloy, Monel and Teflon, there is always a level switch that fits your application. Special models are made for storage tanks with floating roofs (AF33TMA), sphere tanks for liquid gas storage and high temperature applications.

Aquasant® level sensors and conductance probes are suitable for an extraordinarily wide range of applications. Our level sensors, which work on opto-electronic measuring principles, are available in many different materials, detect levels and limit situations for medias ranging from highly-explosive liquids to corrosive chemical liquids. Our control devices operate Aquasant® sensors, while providing continuous fail-safe system checks. They manage and regulate the functions required for process control purposes. Probes designed to detect levels of conductive / none conductive medias are used mainly in interface applications. Aquasant® sensors and control devices display the following features and performance characteristics.

Features Performance characteristics
High level of finish guaranteed by comprehensive quality management system and routine testing. No delay at initial startup of system.
Long service life thanks to careful selection of materials. Longer intervals between inspections permit greater continuity of production.
Sensors function in any position ; horizontal or vertical. Flexible use in the installation or subsequent equipping of existing tanks.
Compact sensor design ensures low-profile installation. Minimal space requirement helps ensure optimum use of infrastructure. This factor is of special importance for the shipbuilding sector, as it saves costs.
Requires no calibration or compensation Efficient operation without high installation costs
High level of operating reliability thanks to maximum resistance to dirt, condensation, temperature and adherence.

Absence of moving parts helps ensure maximum dependability in use. Continuous function checks carried out by patented self-monitoring system. Robust thanks to use of suitable IR technology.

Reduction in production downtime and costly process restarts caused by false alarms.
Problem-free media changeovers Requires no compensation


Due to there expertise in optical instrumentation Aquasant® produces also high quality and reliable turbidity measurement. Application areas are waste water treatment, breweries, etc. with measuring ranges form 10 till 10.000 NTU.

The high-precision fibre optics used by the Aquasant turbidity measurement device make it especially suitable for providing reliable online measurement functions. The range of applications includes such areas as biotechnology, the pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry and food sector, and the monitoring of water quality.

The turbidity-measurement sensors can be sterilised and/or treated in an autoclave.

Our turbidity-measurement device displays the following features and performance characteristics.

Features Performance characteristics
Highly-sensitive measurement of diffused light Requires only one measuring point, in contrast to conventional measuring devices. This ensures maximum reliability.
Designed for carrying out measurements while the process is in progress. Saves on costly lab analyses.
Compensation for outside light sources Error compensation for measurement readings is no longer required.
IR measuring technology Long service life of device.
Wide linear measuring range. Precise, high-resolution measurement readings.
All operating controls located on front panel Clear and simple to use.
Easy operation. Self-explanatory operating controls.
Fibre optics Loss-free measurement readings of maximum quality.
Straightforward sensor installation. Efficient operation at different measuring points.
Transmission and reception optics at same level. Maximum measuring precision.
Measurement sensor can be sterilised or treated in an autoclave. Suitable for lab-based, food-industry and medical applications, etc.

The main areas of application of the turbidity measurement device lie in cell-density measurement, crystallisation monitoring, filtration monitoring, detection of solids, quality testing and flocculation monitoring.


The main market area for I.T.U. and Aquasant® is the environmental sector in almost all industries (marine, chemical, petrochemical, etc.) such as overfill protection (high level alarm systems) with optical fail safe level switches. One step further is treatment of for instance oil spills or treatment of wastewater mainly contaminated with oil products. For this Aquasant® manufactures a unique physical chemical in line separation called 'Lugan', which can handle almost every kind of oil contaminated waste water, even with heavy metals, detergents, etc.

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