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Contrec founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1980 and began producing electronic displays for flowmeters to replace outdated and high maintenance mechanical registers. Contrec expanded their process product range into rate totalisers, batch controllers and flow computers.

With the rise in automation within the petroleum industry, Contrec became one of the leading manufacturers of Tanker Loading Systems for road, rail and barge filling applications. Contrec load computers were the first to receive the OIML custody transfer approvals. Today, Contrec continue to develop new and exciting products for markets such as bio-fuel, food and beverage and nuclear industries.

Contrec Manufacturing have just been accredited ISO 9001:2008 certification for the company’s commitment to the quality of the manufacture of electronic instruments for flow meter solutions.
The globally recognized ISO 9001:2000 certification safeguards the quality of the manufacture of our electronic instruments and has been awarded by the highly commended Lloyds Register.

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